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13 Films That Influenced Anita Rocha da Silveira's ‘Medusa’

Medusa is a horror-musical-comedy-fantasy film set in an alternate universe (yet close to reality) about a young woman who grew up in an ultra-conservative environment in Brazil, where she is expected to keep every aspect of her life under tight control. In order to keep control of herself, she must control every other woman around her.

The Films That Influenced ‘The Thing That Ate The Birds’

It’s hard to recall if any specific film/s influenced The Thing That Ate the Birds as we were primarily inspired by living for a time on the Yorkshire moors and getting to know the local Gamekeepers. But we do remember using the opening twisted up body from It Follows alongside the photographer Gregory Crewdson as reference for the final shot. We also remember discussing the one-two punch of ‘Blue Ruin/Green Room’ as a starting point for a deliberate and controlled…