Alec Empire’s (Atari Teenage Riot) Top 10 Horror Films

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Alec Empire’s (Atari Teenage Riot) Top 10 Horror Films
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Now… these are probably known to every fan of the genre. There is more obscure stuff I am into, but this is for another time.

As you can see all of these films are connected in a weird way. In combination, they make more sense. I really recommend you watch them all in this order to understand what I am trying to show you. 

The horror genre has been rejected by the academic elites almost everywhere on the planet. These people look down on us horror fans because it disturbs their narrative. We find it entertaining to imagine the end of the world, the apocalypse, the idea that there is an ultimate evil that might kill us all. Because we played this game in our heads again and again, it is much harder to scare us into believing their scams. 

Climate change will end human existence in nine years some argue? Well, no need to panic—we’ll figure it out. What we don’t do is to hand over all responsibility to some bureaucrats who suffer from analysis paralysis. Really bad ideas spread like a virus and infect almost everyone in society? We’ll survive the madness because we keep fighting. 

The most important lesson to learn from these films is that human beings let corruption spread and once a certain threshold is reached, everything falls and corrects itself. This was the case thousands of years ago, and it remains true today. No matter who is president. 

The point is we have the capacity to create hell in our minds. 

A good reason for music fans to take another look at horror films are the soundtracks and film scores. The most innovative pieces of music have been made for horror way before the techniques and in many cases even the technology, like synthesizers, appeared in the kinds of films that usually get rewarded at the Oscars. 

We are the film fans the elites hate because we love tension, action and having a great time. Pseudo-intellectual bs makes us stop watching. 

I put Covenant in the list because it is way underrated. The idea, the story… it’s amazing.

Stay strong! 
Don’t let anyone bring you down…

Alec Empire in lockdown in Berlin, Germany, snowed in, March 2021

About Alec Empire:
Alec Empire is a German experimental electronic musician who is best known as a founding member of the band Atari Teenage Riot, as well as a prolific and distinguished solo artist, producer and DJ.

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