Reese Eveneshen's Top 10 Horror Films


As his chamber-horror For the Sake of Vicious lands in select theaters and on VOD, Reese Eveneshen shares his top ten horror films—making no excuses for his populist leanings. “I don’t care. This what I grew up on!”

In the notes for the list, Eveneshen blames his parents for his grounding in horror and science fiction, and writes of his love for the special make-up effects work of Stan Winston, Tom Savini, Rick Baker, Rob Bottin, and Steve Johnson

“Obviously, ten is not nearly enough! But I wanted to focus on the ones that probably had the biggest impact on me growing up,” Eveneshen says. “And the ones that really influenced what would eventually become a career in filmmaking, for better or for worse.”

For the Sake of Vicious, written and directed by Eveneshen and Gabriel Carrer, will be in select theatres on April 16, digital and VOD April 20, and Blu-Ray May 4, 2021.