True History of the Kelly Gang ★★★½

Way too long, as it always is with Kurzel at the helm, but this is easily his strangest visual work to date. There are notes of Fassbinder and Malick here that just aren't anywhere to be found in his previous work, and the standard harshness of the Kurzel brand is mixed with a warm sort of sadness. A crisis of masculinity has always been at the heart of Kurzel's narratives and he finally trades in a bit of his heaving moodiness and brooding for too-sparse but very promising flashes of expressive motion, physicality, and raucous anti-authoritarianism. Kurzel is still too beholden to familiar narrative structures to make this the surreal blood-soaked odyssey that it should be, but its regularly intoxicating and certainly not boring. Another notable triumph for DP Ari Wegner too.