It Chapter Two ½

The hype around the first film was so intense that I actually felt pressured to find the good in what felt to me like made-for-Netflix pablum. This, on the other hand, is shockingly terrible in every way.

Simply put: I can't see how anyone could argue that this dreck is really any better than the 1990 ABC miniseries. That was also pretty bad, but at least Tim Curry (without the aid of already-dated CGI stretch mouth which is used in every third scene) managed to be genuinely unsettling. Chapter Two has absolutely nothing going for it.

I am not sure what was more tedious, the obvious jump scares or the excruciatingly unfunny one-liners that riddle the screenplay. Probably the latter, as the barrage of quips falling flat on their face derailed any potential for actual horror or genuine sentiment for taking root. A total waste of however many hours I spent watching this turkey.