Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

Doctor Strange feels a lot like a Phase I MCU feature but with Phase II & III bells and whistles. Cumberbatch and co. are a delight, the costumes and sets are spellbinding and the visual effects are an absolute powerhouse.

It's a shame the Giacchino motifs sound like outtakes from his Star Trek Beyond score. Oh... and the baddie is bland as hell (shock horror).

On my third time around the block I wasn't at all dissuaded by the lack of IMAX screen or 3D tomfoolery. This film stands up without the gimmicks. It's pure, fun, popcorn fodder, bold in spectacle and light on grittiness. If comic book movies or the MCU aren't your cup of tea then there's nothing here that'll persuade you otherwise. If it's escapist entertainment you're after then Doctor Strange is definitely worth a couple hours of your time.

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