Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★

To my mind, Doctor Strange is still an MCU Phase I movie with the trappings of Phase II and III. It's a decent take on the origin story formula with eye-popping visual effects but this time around, it lost some of its sheen.

Firstly, that Michael Giacchino score is an egregious rip-off of his own themes for Star Trek 2009. Honestly, if one of my students had self-plagiarised this blatantly, they'd have gotten a serious reprimand. He just slapped a sitar on that Star Trek theme and posed it as an original work, which sucks.

Secondly, of all the digitally shot Marvel Studios movies, this is the one that suffers most from the dirge of greys and browns in the digital colour correction. It's worse-off than even Age of Ultron in that regard, and for an adaptation that leans into the Steve Ditko artwork, the fact that the colours don't pop the way they should just sucks.

Doctor Strange is still an enjoyable watch. I cannot wait to see what Cargill and Derrickson do with the sequel. Chiwetel Ejiofor could read the damned phone book and I'd watch it. Knowing that he'll be back as the antagonist makes my loins froth something fierce.

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