Dredd ★★★★

Having watched Robocop 1&2 again recently I wanted to evoke the same feelings before taking the plunge with the RoboRemake later in the week. Dredd is a bittersweet movie for me now. A perfect genre flick that was dismissed on release because of the fatal misuse of the character by Sylvester Stallone some years earlier. That and the fact that the public were pretty much forced to watch it in 3D meant it performed poorly and killed a fledgling franchise stone dead.
By not supporting modern 18 rated genre flicks, producers have all the excuse they need to molest film franchises into mollycoddled PG-13 shit-fests.

The Terminator.

All violent genre franchises that have since spawned more financially successful but critically mauled entries to their canon. And this trend will continue if we don't support the decent genre flicks and adaptations like Dredd or Watchmen, or Texas Chainsaw 3D.

OK... maybe not that last one but you get the point.

Dredd is a bloody solid action flick.
Watch it. Buy it.
Sign the petition to get a sequel made.

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