Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★★

When David Lynch gets around to seeing this movie he'll have a stiffy for its entire duration!
This film is odd... and then some.

Pretty sure I have no idea what was going on or what the message is that Leos Carax is trying to convey but it looks outstanding.
Denis Lavant's central performance is wondrous. His sheer physicality and ability to metamorphose in every narrative scenario blew my mind. In addition to this, Edith Scob's Céline and Eva Mendes' Kay M both lend wonderful counterpoints to Lavant's off kilter role(s).
Frankly... I need to go back and watch TOKYO! as it apparently contains more of his Monsieur Merde character. The use of the Godzilla theme as his introduction made me chuckle and his interaction with Geoffrey Carey's photographer is brilliant.

If you only see one Limousine based movie from 2012... definitely see Holy Motors.
If you only see two Limousine based movies from 2012... definitely see Holy Motors again, because Cosmopolis was a massive heap of stinking arse-custard.

This won't appeal to everyone but that's OK :)