Persona ★★★★★

OK, so Black Swan meets Enemy by way of Mulholland Drive best sums up my initial thoughts of Persona. I thought Wild Strawberries was going to be the pinnacle of my newfound affection for Bergman but I guess I was wrong. The DNA threads that link this film to outstanding works it inspired are striking, and my stomach remained in knots for the entirety of the runtime.

Thematically, Persona delves into notions of the self, destiny, motherhood and I'm still mulling over the intricacies of who is who, and what that actually means. I am wholly aware that this isn't the kind of film that will float everybody's boat but I loved every peculiar, agonisingly abstract minute of it.

This run of Bergman films on Mubi has really ignited a desire to watch as many as I can, before coming back around and starting over again!

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