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  • Atman



    Really Trippy Shit.

  • Phantom



    The editing during the yoga sequence really bothered me.

  • Ikebana



    Not terribly interesting but the colors pop and Teshigahara does his best to keep your attention.

  • Hokusai



    Interesting and inventive but I can't say it was too entertaining.




    Really weird and not really my thing but the worst part was that its incredibly boring.

  • An Unseen Enemy

    An Unseen Enemy


    Some exciting parts mixed with dull and repeated scenes. There's potential here that's for sure.

  • Tango Tangles

    Tango Tangles


    Kind of boring but it was interesting seeing Charlie Chaplin looking so young and untramp like.

  • Troublesome Night 3

    Troublesome Night 3


    Completely over the top and ridiculous. It manages to be actually funny at times but its never scary and barely seems to even try. Fairly middle of the road for this series.

  • Young Boss

    Young Boss


    Decent but nothing really that great. Follows the upright Yakuza vs shady Yakuza formula to a tee without really adding anything and nobody standout out in this not even Raizô Ichikawa.

  • Broken Sword Hero

    Broken Sword Hero


    Disappointing is all I can say about this. The acting, music, directing and fight choreography aren't very good to say the least. The fights were slowed down even further by constant impact & excitement crushing Slomo. I could tell by the terrible opening that I wouldn't like this. Only the plus side the fighters are all pretty damn talented I give the film that.

  • Daishizen no Majū: Bagi

    Daishizen no Majū: Bagi


    This anime has everything, anthropomorphic animal, lasers, evil scientists, evil villains, flashbacks within flashbacks, and a whole lot more. Its really weird both in terms of story and presentation, the animation is quite sloppy, but that helps the whole trippy vibe Bagi has going for it. Also the humor only lands about half the time. This is a bizarre little oddity that should be better known.

  • Let's Enjoy

    Let's Enjoy


    Holy crap, the camera work and editing pissed me off for the entire film. Also most of the jokes and word play were lost on me not that I think native speaker would've felt differently. This really just feels like they were going for a teen sex comedy like "American Pie" or something but they just ended up failing miserably.