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  • KL24: Zombies
  • Overtime
  • Second Life
  • The Epic of Hang Kway Teow
  • SmokeCity: Bloodland

Malaysian Films I’ve Seen

32 films

A list of Malaysian films I've seen

  • 3 Doors of Horrors
  • Delete
  • Passing Lives
  • The Girl from Tomorrow
  • Café Lumière

Doghouse 73 Pictures

59 films

This is an amazing Malaysian independent production company I'll be adding more to this list and to Letterboxd as I…

  • Alien Thunder
  • Any Gun Can Play
  • Apache Rifles
  • Arizona Colt
  • Between God, The Devil and a Winchester

Mill Creek's Western Outlaws: 50 Movie Collection

50 films

A list of every movie in the Western Outlaws 50 Movie Collection.

  • Africa Screams
  • Behave Yourself!
  • Boys of the City
  • The Play House
  • The Boat

Mill Creek's Icons of Comedy: 50 Movie Collection

65 films

A list of all the films in the Icons of Comedy 50 Movie Collection from Mill Creek.

  • The Amazing Transparent Man
  • The Ape Man
  • The Ape
  • Atom Age Vampire
  • Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla

Mill Creek’s Mad Scientist Theater: 50 Movie Collection

50 films

A list of all the films in the Mad Scientist Theater 50 Movie Collection.

  • The House of Ghosts
  • The Haunted Hotel
  • Kiri-Kis
  • The 'Teddy' Bears
  • The Glue

Top 10 of 1907

10 films

  • Grand Illusion
  • Seven Samurai
  • The Lady Vanishes
  • Amarcord
  • The 400 Blows

The Criterion Collection

1,161 films

The Criterion Collection is a video distribution company that sells "important classic and contemporary films" in "editions that offer the…

  • Anaconda
  • Lake Placid
  • Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
  • Lake Placid 2
  • Anaconda 3: Offspring

Anaconda/Lake Placid Franchise(s)

10 films

A list featuring the films in the Anaconda & Lake Placid Franchises.

  • Gyakushu Orochimaru
  • Chutaro of Banba
  • Song Festival, Full Moon, and the Battle of the Raccoon Dogs
  • 銀蛇の岩屋
  • The Ghosts of Yotsuya

Actors I like: Tomisaburô Wakayama

114 films

A list of the films by the immortal Tomisaburô Wakayama

Missing from Letterboxd

1956 Yôun Satomi kaikyoden 1957 Ningyô Sashichi…

  • A Page of Madness
  • Godzilla
  • Half Human
  • The Ghost of Kasane
  • Ghost Stories of Wanderer at Honjo

Asian Movie Enthusiast's Asian Horror Year In Review Project

715 films

Erik, the Asian Movie Enthusiast presents: A discussion on Asian horror movies

This list will include every film discussed.…

  • Robin Hood
  • Ivanhoe
  • Robin Hood
  • Robin Hood of El Dorado
  • An Arrow Escape

Robin Hood in film

68 films

A list of films featuring Robin Hood

I'm sure there are a couple films missing.

Missing from letterboxd: Robin Hood…

  • The Young and the Damned
  • City of God
  • El Topo
  • The Secret in Their Eyes
  • Herod's Law

Taste of Cinema’s 30 Essential Latin American Films You Need To Watch

30 films

30 Essential Latin American Films You Need To Watch Posted on March 25, 2014by Hector Gonzalez