The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★½

For the second night in a row I’m really appreciative of the Glasgow Film Theatre allowing me to watch these films early. Unfortunately my experience with Last Night in Soho was much more enjoyable than this. Wes Anderson’s weirdness and quirkiness doesn’t translate well to what is effectively an anthology film. There isn’t a single bad performance in this film, everyone is fantastic, yet it  just feels so bland for a Wes Anderson film. I will however say that Benicio Del Toro’s story with Adrien Brody is quite possibly one of if not THE best Wes Anderson story. I would’ve happily watched an entire film about just that. Unfortunately the other stories just seemed to drag on and felt disappointingly boring at times. Probably my least favourite Wes Anderson film which is unfortunate as I was very excited for this. It’s not bad, it’s just underwhelming

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