Malignant ★★½

There's like a nugget of a great movie here, but it's buried under hilarious overwrought dialogue, cringey CGI (even many times in scenes that would not have been unthinkable with practical effects), trashy synthwave music cues, toddler-level exposition, a really pathetic ending. You know that moment in trailers when the Inception dubstep noise happens right before a character says some extremely trailer-appropriate quip or dialogue? That happens straight-faced in this movie like three times.

If it were a young director finding their sealegs, I would say the bad shit is buoyed by the clever story, and particularly, the excellent monster and the actor's creepy, uncanny, almost peak Jackie Chan stunt-esque movement. But in reality the good stuff is in short supply and it's ballasted by all the typical earmarks of crappy big-budget horror. This is a step in the right direction for mainstream scare fests compared to the rest of Wan's last decade, I won't deny that. It would just be nice if it didn't constantly remind you that there are some surprises a movie this expensive can't get away with, and would a director like this even want to if he could?

Also who decided this thing had anything to do with giallo? If a movie has colors other than brown and blue it's giallo now? Christ lol

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