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  • Watchmen



    First viewing of the "Ultimate Cut" version, third viewing overall (saw the butchered theatrical version in its original theatrical run, saw the longer but still incomplete Director's Cut several years later), and I can say unequivocally that this is far and away the best way to experience thr film. None of its problems (a mannered, over-directed adaptation of the classic comic book limited series that hews too closely to its source material to truly flourish as a work of art…

  • Norman Mailer: The American

    Norman Mailer: The American


    Wow, I had no idea Joe Mantegna directed this until this very moment. Well, he doesn't really put any sort of identifiable fingerprint on any aspect of the filmmaking. Despite having access to a boatload of footage of the late writer/director/intellectual/provocateur and being granted interviews with many of his ex-wives, children and friends/colleagues/enemies, this never really gets beneath the surface to explore in any real depth the complexities and contradictions of his character, not to mention never digging into what…

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  • Hemingway



    I was able to watch the full film of this via the PBS app instead of waiting to watch it on live broadcast like some kinda chump (aka what I had been doing until I discovered, a couple of hours ago, that it could be watched in full via the app and/or via the PBS "channel" on Amazon Prime), and like much of Ken Burns' other work (I'm not familiar with Lynn Novick's work and don't want to diminish her…

  • Zodiac



    At the time, Zodiac was the first and only Fincher film that really blew me away. I'd liked Seven a lot but it had grown off me a bit and I'd yet to come around to The Game, so when this restrained but completely riveting Procedural Thriller came around and impressed me so thoroughly, rating favorably against everything else that had come out in a year full of terrific films, I was kind of surprised; it seemed to be a…