The Social Network ★★★★★

“I'M SORRY! MY PRADA'S AT THE CLEANERS, along with my hoodie and my "fuck you" flip-flops, you pretentious douchebag!“

And just like that, Andrew Garfield has the greatest comeback of the decade courtesy of Aaron Sorkin. This is important in my mind because I harbored great ill will toward him after his terrible turn as Spider-Man. What I learned after my first viewing of The Social Network, is that he is actually one of the finest actors of the decade. That last statement could be extended to nearly every aspect of this film. For my money, it is the most important film of the decade, and maybe the most perfect. A meeting of the minds of the greatest screenwriter and one of the greatest directors of their generations produces a film that, from all angles, has no flaws. However, it’s impact extends past its filmmakers. The story itself is the most important of the decade. The ramifications of this film are still felt today. Zuckerburg and toxic masculinity produced, outside of Amazon, the most important website ever. So, it only stands to reason that the film is incredible? Well, I would argue it’s a lot more than just the story that makes this special. The aforementioned screenwriter/director duo is incredibly important. Two, well known perfectionists, set out to tell the tale of one of the most important perfectionists to ever walk the earth. For my money the links between the three aren’t all that hard to find. The lead performance by Jesse Eisenberg is, again, one of the best of the decade, and quite fortuitous casting because he is not only highly capable, but he also resembles Mark. Overall, this film is important to me because I think it, like a very select great films before it, it brings together the perfect people at the perfect time. It’s filmmaking at its more necessary. Rarely has on screen text at the end of a film hit so hard.
“Facebook has 500 million members in 207 countries. It’s currently valued at 25 billion dollars.”

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