Jaws ★★★★★

There are very few films that can be both extremely influential in both their respective genres and on the entire world of film while still feeling remarkably personal to me. Jaws is one of those rare works. The perfect slasher film where the masked villain is replaced by something much more unique and unforgettable. When it’s not being thrilling it takes time to get to know our characters. In scenes like Hooper and Quint discussing their scars and Brody and his son mimicking each other. For being 45 years old the film has aged surprisingly well, I mean sure the shark doesn’t look great but you get the added benefit of not having to see it much. I also don’t think I ever realized how great this movie is shot. Like this thing looks fantastic! An easy top 10 film for me and a film that helped start and continues to fuel my passion for film.

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