teacher and film (list) buff,
loves Columbo, Japanese Cinema
70s Italian Euro Crime & Michael Mann
GGtMC & Row Three & Silva and Gold

Favorite films

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • Kamome Diner
  • Thief
  • Heat

Recent activity

  • Rise Up


  • Young and Dangerous


  • Crows Zero II


  • Crows Zero


Recent reviews

  • Rise Up

    Rise Up


    Two friends (Kento Hayashi & Taiga Nakano) literally bump into a blind girl and start hanging out with her. When they learn about a personal connection to her accident drama ensues...
    This didn't get very good reviews but I think RISE UP wasn't that bad really. Sure, the drama was constructed very 'conveniently' and very 'movie-like' in terms of solving the personal issues of the players but the movie has its heart in the right place and I liked the cast…

  • Young and Dangerous

    Young and Dangerous


    Five 'rascals' follow their local triad boss Mister Bee since their teens and are upset about his quarrel with sleazy boss Ugly Kwan (Francis Ng) who strives for becoming the head of the whole triad family and doesn't shy away from some sleazy methods...
    As much as I can appreciate HK action from the 1990s, I'll never be able to arrange myself with how broad and silly the characters are presented in those movies. It really got better when To…

Popular reviews

  • Vengeance



    After his son-in-law and grandchildren are murdered by triads Costello (Johnny Hallyday) promises his daughter who survived the hit badly injured to avenge the act. He seeks out hitmen to help him as he suffers from increasing memory loss which will complicate things for him...
    After having watched VENGEANCE a second time I now am happy to say that I finally - after six years - found a new entry for my top 10 movies of all time. VENGEANCE for…

  • Pusher III

    Pusher III


    Things become very stressful for mob boss Milo (Zlatko Buric) as he has to deal with disrespectful business partners, deals going wrong, trying to stay clean of drugs while trying to host his daughter's birthday party...
    PUSHER 3 marks Nicolas Winding Refn's masterpiece. Told in the stretch of only one day/night it strongly recalls Scorsese's AFTER HOURS as Buric's character gets deeper and deeper into trouble having to juggle way too many balls at the same time. As Mikkelsen in…