Upgrade ★★★★

After his wife is killed and he's left crippled a car mechanic gets the offer to get implanted a super chip which will make him able to live a normal life again. It also helps a lot in his quest for revenge...
Wow. Didn't expect that. Such an original variation of the washed out super hero genre.
UPGRADE is a Neo Noir set in a believable (scary) future in which computers have become even more essential to our lives. Adding elements of cyber thriller, super hero movie and revenge flick UPGRADE feels like a huge upgrade (ha ha!) of THE MATRIX as it replaces the über-cool shades-lovers with a real character - a man struggling with his life leading to an amazingly dark finale which I didn't see coming even though some twists aren't that hard to guess.
As suspenseful, fast-paced and action-packed as it is, UPGRADE also works very well as yet another comment on the dangers of A. I. even leading back to classic Frankenstein.
Yes, there are plot holes but UPGRADE is too much fun to really care. And yes, Logan Marshall-Green totally looks like Tom Hardy but that's actually a good thing.
Add a fantastic score, good effects, nasty gore and even some black humor makes UPGRADE one of the biggest surprises of the last years. This needs to get installed!

Make or Break Scene: The final scene.

MVT: The screenplay.

Score: 8/ 10

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