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  • Wish You

    Wish You


    the problem was the pacing, all the first 4 eps (I mean 40 minutes 🤭) that these two didn’t have a conversation was a WASTE. They could do so much better, and their moments together had little to no dialogues. I could excuse that if we got moments of gazing or just...hand touching? (like in WYEL) but we didn’t even get that. 
    also the actors were super awkward, get some flavored people smh.

  • Where Your Eyes Linger

    Where Your Eyes Linger


    no mom, rice cakes ARE NOT A PHASE

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  • Mommy



    we were born to watch xavier dolan and feel dead and alive at the same time, am I right?

  • To My Star

    To My Star


    shut up I need more gay kdramas.