La Collectionneuse ★★★★½

Okay here’s the thing. I really liked this movie and I don’t know how or why. But I really liked it. Now, I want to talk some points about it. I want to believe this movie was made in order to criticize and to make fun about how toxic men can be around a girl they want to “impress”

1. Are you telling me that these two Art bro’s Who look like Javier Bardem in No country for old men and the other one looking like Anthony Rapp in Dazed and Confused. For the next hour and a half are going to be talking about how easy is to get in bed with a girl like Haydee. And how they really don’t want to, but deep inside them They actually want to

2. For real, this Javier Bardem guy is just creating a story inside his head about how much Haydee provoques him, and he’s the one that ends up trying to kiss her??? What the fuck dude you’re like a 4/10 and she’s a 10/10(every woman is a 10/10) why the fuck are you making a story in your head  about how much she wants you? And then you act like her friend or something wtf dude you just can’t stand a girl that actually just wants to be friends with you??

3. This Anthony Rapp guy is just an incel. Like really really incel. He gets on bed with Haydee and then he’s like “I’m a barbarian, because I don’t want anything from you” muthafucka shut up. Don’t you see this girl is just trying to have a good summer vacation and you with your early 30’s friend’s only way to entertain yourselves is to make stories about her and being like “no dude you have to fuck her” come on. At least try to be nice

4. Seriously this guys are like in their early-mid 30’s and be talking about how much an early 20’s girl is a slut? Like shut the fuck up boomers. You be saying things like “I haven’t had vacation in 10 years now I want to relax” WELL RELAX AND CHILL DUDE, Stop bothering a young girl come on. 

5. That final scene with this Sam guy. The other art bro, was just amazing. Just two dudes fighting with their ego in order to impress a girl that couldn’t care less about them. Just like 99% of real life cases

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