Ammonite ★★★

While watching this I couldn't escape the fact that it is, essentially, a not as good Portrait of a Lady on Fire, it's irritatingly similar, only it lacks the tension and character building of Celine Sciamma's masterpiece.

Both lead actors are wasted, usually Saoirse Ronan is one of my favorite actors but here she is given so little to work with that the performance feels really thin, there's no layers to her character, she's just ill for a little while and then suddenly she's in love with Kate Winslet's Mary.

The scenery, although reflective of Mary's mood, is just a bit dreary, it becomes boring, everything is so drained and dull, it makes sense at first but then you just become sick of it, I think the film wants you to view it as an inhospitable wasteland, devoid of feeling or hope, but it's just a seaside town in England, hardly the hellscape it wants you to think.

There is a section in the middle of the film when it picks up a little, but when Charlotte leaves it loses all it's momentum, it's just needlessly bleak for a good 20 minutes and I lost interest entirely, it did like the ending however, that final shot is wonderful.

It's a shame really, I'd waited a long time to see this and was full of expectation, and although it's not terrible, it is largley boring and lacking in depth.

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