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  • M8 - When Death Rescues Life

    M8 - When Death Rescues Life


    o peso de algumas cenas desse filme e o que elas transmitem principalmente pra quem é preto e sabe como é viver essa realidade cara... mariana nunes você sabe que é A Maior

  • WandaVision



    i'm not calling the finale disappointing as such, but some of the reveals and the straightforward nature of the episode was KINDA disappointing, esp the quicksilver "reveal" if we can call it one. i can't believe all evan peters was used for was a boner joke and they didn't recast aaron taylor-johnson for NO FUCKING REASON. btw i hate marvel studios formula of messing things up even when they get it right, mainly because of the sloppy way they do some of these things

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  • Nefta Football Club

    Nefta Football Club


    a donkey carrying cocaine that listens to adele we stan

  • Crashing



    i love fleabag and killing eve but if we don't get a crashing series 2 can phoebe waller-bridge at least reassure me that sam and fred are doing okay