After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

"I'll probably get blamed for that."

After waiting and looking for this movie for AGES, I was finally able to see Martin Scorsese's After Hours. I don't really know where to begin. This is one of the lesser know Scorsese films, but it sure was a riot to watch. The whole film has a very off-beat, uncomfortable feeling the whole time. Watching this series of events play out feels like a dreadful long night, so the film did it's job.

Let's talk about the writing in this movie. This has to be some of the most clever, well-written, SUPERB writing I've ever seen in a movie, ever. With the series of events that occur, certain words or actions are said and done, but later in the film they come back to "haunt" the characters. When I say characters, I mean Paul, who's played by Griffin Dunne in an Oscar worthy role. Every word coming out of his mouth I believed 100% truly. The other actors did fine for their parts, just playing weird, stressed out, crazy people. The musical score is worth a mention, due to it's tone and suggestion to what's about to happen in the story. Overall, it's just a very small budget movie, which seems odd for Scorsese, but with his direction and brilliant script, no wonder this turned out so good.

After Hours is a very entertaining movie, but at times it can get repetitive, with Paul visiting so many different people it kind of gets tiresome. However, with each new person, there's always a new, funny situation. After Hours is a hilarious dark comedy with horror elements. The horror elements being pretty much everything and everyone except Paul. If at anytime you get the chance, check out this under-the-radar Scorsese flick.

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