Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★½

The day of the concert has arrived. You can’t wait. You have your ticket for months. You enter a big arena with a big stage. You’re finally going to hear “Talking Heads” live.

David Byrne and the band enter the stage. And just like that, your heart transforms into something bigger. A band that made music that helped you through some really awful moments. A band that made music that made you feel completed and happy. Your brain starts receiving the information. The notes of the music start hitting your ears. And suddenly, you start jumping. dancing. singing. enjoying your life.

An hour has passed. Your favourite song “Take me to the River” starts playing. You’re really sweaty because of all the dancing. Now you experience pure happiness. You’ve never felt so happy. All your problems fade away. For once, you’re free and nothing can hurt you. For once, you’re not afraid of death or life. You’re not afraid of anything.

You return to your house. You change into your pyjamas and grab your “Talking Heads” vinyl. You start jumping, dancing, singing and enjoying your life… again.

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