Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

I don't believe in Love.

Most of the time it's about what happened in the past, or it's just that I can't stand it. Because of that, I started to not believe in it. It would also explain why I don't like romance films.

One trilogy that I read on Reddit was the Before Trilogy, which didn't really interest me. I was slowly convinced when I searched up the movies on Letterboxd and the ratings... wow. It was at that moment I decided to watch the trilogy.

Since I finished the Three Colors Trilogy, I've been meaning to alternate both of the Three Colors, Before, and The Human Condition! That didn't go as planned since I didn't have time for the Human Condition. I'll be watching that next month!

Now, about the Before Trilogy.

I have to say this, and it's obvious. The writing and dialogue. Just... wow. I'm really amazed at how the writing is for each film in the trilogy, and how it's somewhat relatable? While watching Sunrise, I thought the dialogue was improvised but searching it up online, it actually isn't improvised. That's such a huge shocker! About the dialogue in Sunset, just WOW! I was really amazed by the writing in the movie, and thought it was a step up from Sunrise! Now about Midnight, I thought it was alright. 

In a way, I really like how the writing and the dialogue just feels... so real.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are really outstanding actors, and I'm just amazed by how incredible their performances were in each film.

If I were to choose one film from the trilogy, it would be Before Sunset. I personally enjoyed it and thought it was perfect. I also loved Sunrise, and not really sure how I feel about Midnight. I'll have to process the movie since I just finished it.

I'm making this review short as usual since I've been productive recently, and the year is coming to a close!

After finishing the Before Trilogy, does that change my thoughts about love?

Truth is, I really don't know.

Before the year ends, I must finish...
--> Too Old to Die Young (5/10)
--> Adventure Time (10 episodes left!)

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