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  • Memento



    The movie uses reverse chronological screenplay so well that it keeps you following throughout the whole film and doesn't let you feel disappointed or bored for even a second.

    It also implies how perspectives towards characters change as the perspective of story-telling is changing. We can see through this fabulous film how the way and order of narrative writing may change the basis of the whole plot.

    It sure is an astonishing mind-time-bending movie that should be re-watched several times.

  • Dunkirk



    Astonishing visual narrating on an epic scale. It is hard to imagine a better recognition to this battle of survival than Nolan's outstanding, legendary, extraordinary movie.

    Despite its time-bending structure, Dunkirk manages to be crystal clear without many words. When people try to talk, they're often silenced by gunshots or by a fabulous score by Hans Zimmer.

    Cinematography is much appreciated in this movie where we can see multiple breathtaking scenes of colors and smoke.

    *It's just a war masterpiece!*