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  • Gerry



    This film and I have a history together. We've been through thick and thin—it went from somewhere around the fifty slot back when I ranked my favorites, to unranked, to my top ten, to my top five. I've had friends who loved it, I've had friends who hated it, I've had everything in between. I brought it onto my podcast and inadvertently made it a meme, I'm writing an article about it and its two spiritual siblings, and now I'm…

  • Mirror



    I stand in front of a crowd of hundreds of thousands, all composed of eager Tarkovsky fans holding their assorted steelbooks. I grin nervously at the gathered crowd. I didn't think there'd be so many!

    I clear my throat and turn my eyes to the space in between the spotlights.

    "Mirror is..."

    The crowd collectively leans forward in their chairs.

    "...a high eight."

    A confused murmur arises from the crowd. Surely I have misspoken! I didn't say "a perfect ten"?…

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  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    Excellent! If Gael García Bernal didn't exist, Jim Cummings would've given my favorite performance of 2018. Great directing and cinematography, too. Very excited for Snow Hollow now!

  • For a Few Dollars More

    For a Few Dollars More


    Guess that's why it took me over a month to see this

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  • Cuties



    You can have good intentions, but a tweet I saw (that also got a good chuckle out of me) rings true—you don't show children that drugs are bad by giving one of them black tar heroin.

    The satire feels barely there. The closest we get is that (appalling) scene at the end. I was fully on the director's side when the bullshit Netflix marketing dropped—I'm not anymore.

    Cuties is as bad as most people are saying. It's uncomfortable, it's disturbing,…

  • Monkey Up

    Monkey Up


    Films I have not seen-
    Citizen Kane
    Any Kurosawa except Rashomon
    Any Altman

    Films I have seen:
    Monkey Up