Lightyear ★★★

God...... We are grasping at straws here. Back story on secondary characters, Back stories on villains, There is such a thirst for a cash grab with this movie. 4 Toy stories in , and now we have more from that world.
With that said, This was a fun movie, if not predictable to a degree.
Loads of new characters, and none of the old Toy Story folks were here.
There is a cool emotional and physical aging of his crew, that leaves him young while they age, very interesting as the great 3D effects and there is some great 2001 a Space odyssey hyper-speed scenes.
The cast with Ed Harris, Val Kilmer, Hamm, and Cruise do well, but very cool was Melanie Cavil from the Snowpiercer series. Maybe she was the bartender in the original. But she was very welcome face watching this as I liked her in the Snowpiercer show.

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