Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

So, America is still mad that they don’t get to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest...

I can’t believe that they cancelled the ESC this year and this is what we got instead. 

It wasn’t funny, the acting wasn’t there and the story was garbage and boring at best. How are you going to make fun of something that you don’t understand? 

Alexander Ryback was in this for 30 seconds and he was the highlight of this entire movie. The entire sequence of them just mashing up songs and singing them with some of the ESC winners was the only entertaining part.

At one point, someone said: “we know they’re awful, but they’re our awful”, and this might be the only true statement from this entire movie. 

Also, I saw a lot of people praising Lovato’s performance but she was in this for like five minutes and her song was mediocre, so, like?

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