Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★½

First things first, if David Lynch doesn't snatch up Orville Peck for his next film, whatever that may be, I'll riot. He's Roy Orbison incarnate! Now, as for Wild At Heart, I was actually able to endure it this time around. Not that it's terrible, severely overacted (intentionally), but not terrible. It's just gross. It's not like Lynch hasn't done gross before, but there's just something about Crispin Glover putting roaches on his anus and William Dafoe baring a set of teeth that's been worn down to the nub that makes me go "ew". I also think it's a bit gratuitous, with Laura Dern breaking her alleged "no nudity" rule, but it sounds like the book is that way, too, so kudos for being faithful... I guess.

One thing I noticed on this rewatch is that Wild at Heart has several direct connections to Twin Peaks: The Return. For instance, Harry Dean Stanton watches a pack of hyenas rip an animal to shreds on the hotel television, just like Grace Zabriskie watched lions rip an animal to shreds on her home television in The Return. Also, this film and The Return both end with a mother wailing over a toppled over picture frame. The mother here is played by Dern's real mother, Diane Ladd, who steals every scene she's in (she was nominated for an Oscar). She also rocks a real devilish shade of red.

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