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This review may contain spoilers.

A New Hope is the perfect introduction to the world of Star Wars, it introduced us to beloved characters, iconic moments, and ground-breaking effects. Sequels are notoriously hit and miss, there are masterpieces such as The Godfather Part II and major failures such as Grease 2. The sequel to A New Hope was always going to be a success, but how good was it actually going to be? Well... It's safe to say that Empire Strikes Back is everything a New Hope was and more. With the introduction on Hoth to the climax on Bespin, Empire Strikes Back was brilliant throughout. Acting alongside a puppet is always going to be hard but Mark Hamill was excellent and really gave Luke Skywalker a more believable transformation into a Jedi Knight. The cinematography is amazing, the wide shots of Hoth and the Iconic lightsaber fight on Bespin all look fantastic. The special effects look way better than A New Hope and they stand the test of time. John Williams is always next level and the score is phenomenal. Star Wars means so much to me and it will always be my favorite movie franchise.

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