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  • Gyeongju



    This film is slow; first things first. But I don't know why for sure that going through it earlier in the day somewhat warms my heart.

    It's the first film by this director that I've personally seen, and it's really safe to say that I wasn't disappointed at all.

    Yes, there are moments where I feel that Park Hae-il's professor is an unlikable character. And then I was also a little confused by the last 20 minutes.

    But other than that, it's a good watch.

  • Collectors



    A very fun film, purely meant for popcorn entertainment and nothing more.

    Even though the film is flawed - and it is, on the bright side I still think it's slightly better compared to any previous attempts (at least out of those I've seen) made by Asian countries to take on this genre and story trope; made famous thanks to Hollywood.

    Plus I personally find the concept of them digging a treasure underneath a major city really interesting, as no Hollywood films of this kind have used such a concept - also from what I can recall.

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  • The White Tiger

    The White Tiger


    This story perhaps represents the best example out there of two well-known sayings - don't trust people easily, and that sometimes you just need to keep a negative mindset.

    And in a world where everything's now possible, this one Indian film; American-produced - thanks to Netflix, and directed by a non-Indian director, apparently lives. Speaking of which, honestly speaking it kinda gives me more hope that as a fellow non-Indian; I got a chance to do a film there someday,…

  • Little Forest: Summer/Autumn

    Little Forest: Summer/Autumn


    If you happen to love both cooking and Hashimoto Ai, then I'm pretty sure you'll going to enjoy this film.

    For me, it's personally one of the most heart-warming films to come out of Japan; and the best thing is that it wasn't even a family drama.

    Next to that, I really admire how peaceful this film feels; which is something I, unfortunately, can't describe by words. It's like watching one of those NHK food documentaries more than watching a…