Us ★★★★½

most iconic horror dance sequence since Suspiria (2018)?
the realest depiction of trauma
fears everyone can relate to
a Jaws t-shirt before heading to the beach is uhhhhh pretty foreboding
the imagery and the dualities through the entire film: two time periods (1986 and the present day), variant doubles of the self, rows of bunnies in cages, white, black, and covered in black splotches, rows of 11, “I got five on it”, circles and frisbees on the beach, the cultural appropriation of a hall of mirrors - a Native American vision quest, a fairground attraction - replicating but perverting a native cultural experience and tradition, being an American, “us” vs. hands across the U.S. 

dual consciousness?
a VHS copy of C.H.U.D. 
speaking the words “get out” within the film
other Get Out parallels: ambivalence towards the police (the instinct is to phone, or wait first, but they never actually show up), accentuated by the NWA’s Fuck Da Police; the medicalisation and institutionalisation of experiments (the rows of bunnies); the survival and perseverance of a black family under threat in contrast to a wealthy, asshole (woke?) white family 
so many twists but it never feels cheap, but thought out and complex

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