After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

The second Scorsese film of the day to celebrate the masterful director's birthday comes with one of my most anticipated films from the director, 1985's After Hours.

Starring Griffin Dunne, the plot follows Paul Hackett, a word processor, who agrees to meet up with a girl in Soho whom he met at a coffee shop that evening and from there, Paul has the worst night of his entire life.

It sounds simple enough and it is but Scorsese's execution is brilliant. This is a fun, intense, and crazy experience and I loved it. It was slightly underwhelming, but that's why expectations should often be kept low. Good Time is usually said to be a good double bill with this and from these two, I prefer Good Time yet I still absolutely adored this, with the Safdies obviously having been influenced by the 1985 classic. Scorsese's cameo was great and I loved the madness of this film. It's hectic and insane and just so damn great.

Dunne gives a perfect performance and the direction, tension, and comedy are perfect with the "Surrender Dorothy!" and the "Papier-mâché Statue" scenes being particularly amazing and hilarious.

I don't really have much to say about this but I can tell you that this was super fun and crazy, and I really loved it. Go check it out if you can and try out a double feature with this and Good Time to see which one you prefer!

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