Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

The end of one of the most poignant trilogies of all time; 2013's Before Midnight ended one of cinema's most iconic relationships, the love between Jesse and Celine. They were distanced and brought apart but always came back stronger than ever. Richard Linklater went through the human psyche and crafted three of the most realistic films I have ever seen. From the pain-stakingly thoughtfully crafted dialogue to the beautifully magnificent performances, the Before Trilogy is, more than anything else, a story of love. For over 18 years, audiences around the world watched as the relationship between our two beloved protagonists developed and I can imagine the emotions felt by every viewer; especially those who went to see each film in theatres. To be there from 1995 to 2013 and see the trilogy come to its final culmination must've been both heart-warming and heart-breaking. Beauty all around.

Before Midnight took us to Greece. Needing to rekindle some of their lost love, Jesse and Celine go to a hotel for some alone times from their kids. Dealing with their own multitude of issues, they discuss it thoroughly throughout the runtime. I think if you didn't catch it back in Before Sunset then you'll definitely catch it in Before Midnight but the fact of the matter is that our characters who were once young have lost their youthful innocence. There are glimpses sprinkled here and there where you notice that childlike joy shine through but then you are snapped back into the growth of our characters. To think about the journey that we were taken on and the journey Jesse and Celine went on is insanely touching.

With Before Midnight, some of the special touch of the previous films was lost and it actually reminded me a bit of this year's horrible Malcolm and Marie in the sense that Jesse and Celine kept arguing, rekindling, and repeating that process but something felt a different thanks to Linklater's special touch, even if it wasn't as present as in the previous two films. I also was surprised by the amount of curse words used since I don't think adults actually talk using that many curse words yet that's just a small nitpick.

The final scene of Before Midnight is perfect. It showcases everything we love about the trilogy. It features that lovable youthful energy we all cherish while also showing us the true growth of our characters. I make it sound like growing older is a disgusting thing and it isn't but there's something great about the younger days. Then again, watching Jesse and Celine, now having known each other for 18 years was unbelievably moving. The chemistry between Hawke and Delpy will always stun me and another thing that will always stun me is this beautiful trilogy. Who knew people talking for hours on end could result in some of the greatest cinematic moments of all time?

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