Dial M for Murder

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This review may contain spoilers.

Hitchcock is a Genius.

95% of this film is set in one-room and I barely noticed. The film moves so swiftly and perfectly that I forgot it was in one-set and the film was over before I even realised.

I kind of enjoyed this more than Rope but after Margot's trial, the film seemed to never come back. I don't know but it didn't seem as perfect as before.

At times, so much was happening that it got confusing but it was still masterful. I also found it unbelievable when Halliday explained everything. I just can't believe he knew; even if he is a mystery writer.

Another thing was that for some reason, I couldn't believe that the Inspector knew about everything. His explanation just felt out of place. But maybe that's just me.

Other than those problems I had, this is a perfect film. I loved it so much! Every single performance here is absolutely amazing. The best performances were from Grace Kelly and Ray Milland. Honourable mentions goes to Robert Cummings and Anthony Dawson.
That score is just so good and the suspense is of course marvellous!

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