Captain Marvel ★★★½

Life Finds a Way: The Good Stuff
- It was entertaining throughout, even if a few (many) things bugged me about it.
- The CGI de-ageing of Samuel L. Jackson was actually really good, miles better than Marvel's previous uncanny valley efforts.
- Ben Mendelsohn was pretty great. It helped that his character wasn't as one-dimensional as many of the other characters he's played during his recent Mendelsohnaissance such as Nolan Sorrento in Ready Player One. His Australian accent was very distracting, though.
- SLJ was also really entertaining. Whenever he was on-screen he elevated the other actors and actresses.
- Case in point, Jackson and Larson had really good chemistry.
- I enjoyed the opening portion of the film where we got cool glimpses of the war between the Kree and the Skrulls. I thought the film was going to do some social commentary with it but nope.
- Goose the Cat was really great and got the biggest laughs out of my audience.
- The entire portion of the film where it's just Jackson and Larson and it's like a buddy cop movie is really fun, I would've liked to see more of that.

Didn't Stop to Think Whether They Should: The Bad Stuff
- Many of the fight scenes are so poorly shot and edited that it's actually hard to tell what's going on.
- Brie Larson's performance was just okay. Part of this was the writing but she wasn't doing a very good job of carrying the film.
- The screenplay wasn't great. The pacing and tone jumped around a lot, and it wasn't helped by a lot of the actors, including the lead, delivering their lines in a really stilted way.
- Near the end, Captain Marvel was just way too overpowered. It never felt like she was under threat in any way. Even for the rest of the film she always seemed to know what she was doing in a way that made her kind of uninteresting to watch.
- At one point, the film decides to significantly flesh out one of the sides in the war. I thought it was going to explore both sides of the story in a commentary on war, but because it didn't, we were left with a generic good guys and bad guys scenario.
- The Skrulls felt really inept throughout the whole film. I don't understand how they could ever pose an actual threat to the Kree, given their total incompetence.
- Clark Gregg's de-ageing was nowhere near as good as Jackson's and was a tad creepy.
- The film banks so much on ' 90s nostalgia, it was becoming a little irritating. Thanks, we get that this is set in the Nineties.
- The twists are telegraphed way too frequently and way too obviously.
- Jude Law's acting is alright, but his character is really bland.
- The film also throws in (this was in the trailers and announced way in advance) a couple of characters from Guardians of the Galaxy in a way that felt pretty unnecessary. Ronan the Accuser was a bad villain there, and he's still a bad villain now.
- The film falls into the trap of explaining every element you never really wondered about in the previous films, like in Solo: A Star Wars Story. One element in particular is passed off as a joke for some reason.
- It also tried to push a feminist sentiment but in a really inconsistent way that only shows up in a couple of scenes.

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