Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

Not my favourite Waititi but still a very sincere good time with many emotionally resonant moments and a very funny script with zippy, hilarious dialogue. It’s also Taika’s best looking film, utilising beautiful and affecting framing. Most of the adult performances are really good, with Sam Rockwell and Waititi himself being the standouts. Unfortunately some of the child performances are a tad wooden - most of the leads are good but there are a few moments where the impressions of the German accent kneecap the dialogue delivery of the younger performers. The editing is also very good and meshes well with the fast-paced dialogue. My biggest issues with the film revolve around pacing and plot - the former is a little uneven and the latter takes a few turns that I found hard to believe. It doesn’t matter too much, though - it’s still well worth seeing.