The Night House

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This review may contain spoilers.

I went to the movies for some thrills, instead I got smacked in the face with a thoughtful spooOoky story about being left behind, and contending with the void. 

Pretty good. Some aspects felt like they were maybe leftovers from a longer script, (what even was the night house really?? and what was up with the mazes and voodoo dolls and stuff??)  but that doesn’t mean it was bad. Outstanding acting, a poignant metaphor, trippy effects and Sally Reed’s first big break after Gene Cousineau’s acting class kept me fully invested.

Man, this movie plays well on your brain’s capacity to make faces out of even the slightest face-like shapes. Like, I’m writing this right now and I thought I saw the Void 3 times in my periphs!

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