Gas Food Lodging

Gas Food Lodging ★★★★★

A tumbleweed rolls across a steaming desert road colliding into an upset teenage girl wearing an ill fitting silver sequin miniskirt and a platinum blonde wig. This scene sums up the core of the film for me. The loneliness of the tumbleweed and act of changing oneself. A symbol of the desertedness and desperation of three women living in a New Mexico trailer park.

A delicate and slow examination of a slice of Americana and day to day. Allison Anders' female perspective brings a quiet empathy deeper than conventional theatrical drama. Ultimately it’s more a feeling than anything else. A feeling of helplessness, love, growing into adulthood, and realism. It’s more concerned in how these three women feel by utilizing the isolated setting, warm muted desert glow, and character’s interior rather than events.

Fairuza Balk gives a soul searching performance of the innocent, Spanish film loving Shade. Brooke Adams as the tough, working single mom looking for love is truthful and aching. I can’t help but see a lot of people I grew up with in Ione Skye‘s acting as the rebellious Trudi. Together these three characters show three unique paths of womanhood not always explored. Gas Food Lodging is an intimate depiction of a small worldview of it’s characters and that’s all it’s trying to be.

Shoutout to Victoria Williams’ song at the end. Absolutely perfect ending.

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