Suspiria ★★★★

Luca Guadagnino‘s polarizing Suspiria is a feast of nightmarish images with artistic edge. A boldly bleak dance of death wrapped up in six chapters and an epilogue I won’t be able to unsee. 

Tilda Swinton gives the standout performance(s) blending seamlessly into this surreal world. Johnson plays generically innocent like no other. The whole cast is excitingly interesting with a shout-out to Mia Goth and Alek Wek. 

The 2018 version doesn’t hold true to the essence of the original, but definitely is on par with it’s influence in quality. What I find interesting is that I have the same issues with both of the films in overripeness. I commend the choice to distance itself from the original from the absence bright primary colors in exchange for muted earth tones to the wailing melodramatic electric Thom Yorke soundtrack instead of the classic Goblin. Yet it makes me ask why not just make another story? 

Highly recommend

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