I went into this film knowing very well this was a liberal propaganda movie made to brainwash the youth of today's society, trying to turn our children GAY! I was prepared, prepared to teach these people a lesson.

When the "Kissing scene" happened. Everybody was too busy mindlessly clapping. I felt sorry for all these lost souls, so at that moment. I stood up and boobed. The theatre fell into complete silence. A man with rainbow hair sat right behind me stood up and yelled at me. I looked him up and down, staring at his sweat-covered BTS shirt. I locked eyes with him as I unzipped my jacket to reveal my Joe Rogan experience merch, the man let out a loud gasp, but before he could do anything, I placed my Ben Shapiro cap tightly on my head. The man collapsed onto the ground. I dusted my hands and exclaimed, 'Another day, another liberal-owned'

I was eventually kicked out of the theatre by the zombie mob, but just before they got to me, a bright light blinded everyone. What was that? I thought to myself, and just as I cleared my eyes, I saw a hand reach out to me. It was Elon Musk. He looked at me, then back at the crowd. He spoke thus, 'Leave this young man, he is only speaking the truth', and with just a sweep of a hand, Elon made the whole crowd disappear. He turned to me a said, 'I love you, you are my son now' then we flew into heaven.

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