Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace ★★

this movie's not that bad, you guys are just mean and george lucas is just an idiot.

anakin's storyline is sincere and pure until he starts getting annoying, jar jar binks has absolutely NO right to exist, every attempt at humor dies on the spot; and i'm not one to complain about CGI, i can suspend disbelief to an extent, but at the very least it was WAY overused.

redeeming factors: natalie portman is great and i still love the whole "padme is the queen" thing, i think it's interesting and saying something relevant. DUEL OF THE MF FATES is a BANGER, that score and fight scene are deserving of a much better movie. also the podracing sequence was fun, if too drawn out and kinda predictable. and even if it fails to set them up as a legit threat the battle droids are so fcking funny honestly, they're more disposable than paper towels.

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