Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★★

A fascinating companion piece to the director's previous film and a continued collaboration with producer Genki Kawamura and the band RADWIMPS. Compared to Your Name, this film has a more mature, nostalgic outlook and a bleaker attitude that makes it more provocative and a little less saccharine. One of its core strengths is the tension between its main characters' positivity and negativity - the idea that sunshine follows some people, and rain follows others - and the acts of caring they perform for one another in the face of a threat that feels existential (but, as it turns out, isn't quite). Much has been made of the film's relationship to climate change, which resists surface-level interpretation. I think younger viewers will relate to the idea of love being a salve for the individual against the backdrop of a global, systemic problem - I did.

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