WandaVision ★★★★

just finished, and i'm going to rewatch, but just want to say this is my favorite Marvel related project of all time and i'm not sure how exactly i could see a Marvel project top it?

i think they really exploited the weekly releases so people could theorize and build hype for it and they did that really well. i was in the twitter trenches trying to figure out what would happen next, adding to the discourse, this was a weekly event on my timeline.

Elizabeth Olsen and Teyonah Parris are so talented and gorgeous omg. Monica quickly became one of my favorites of all time i'm so excited to see more of her she's amazing. and i think the exploration of grief was handled really well in this, in comparison to how Marvel has handled things in the past.

anyways, i loved the format with the shifting decades and how everything fell into place throughout. you could say i see the vision.

anyways, i loved this bye

edit : i think the last 2 episodes could've been even longer so it didnt feel as rushed and more things could've been better resolved, BUT alas... i still enjoyed myself and that's what matters most

edit #2 : i have specific plot issues and things i think should've been done differently, but this is spoiler free and i don't want to take away from the positives since i did start this with "it's my favorite Marvel project"

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