Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

The trailer is nothing like the movie, it’s goofy and “A24’s take on the multiverse” I’ll say this was a wild, wacky, energetic and fun trip. It’s too overwhelming to explain after first watch almost like a train that’ll hit you with a wave of emotions and thoughts. The performances from everyone are great. Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee is amazing. James Hong is a perfect grandpa (外公). Ke Huy Quan returns to cinema, he played short round in Indiana Jones Temple of Doom (1984)Chinese and Cantonese is present here, I love that and to see the characters speak it is chef’s kiss. Do have some issues with the translations to English tho. 

As an Asian-American it does justice with what it’s like to be in that household. The stereotypes and expectations are subtle and hit home, it’s not forced or so in your face like Turning Red (2022). If I showed this to my mom, I believe she wouldn’t be so overprotective and worried about me for staying out so late, it’s a good trait about Asian parents but at the same time it’s a double edge sword. Eventually you got to let the bird fly or out of the cage and accept the results you know. Love what it has to say about existentialism, like we’ll all be dead and nothing matters in the end, but let’s make the most of our time. Regarding alternative timelines, I always wondered about what my life would be like if mom stayed in China, didn’t leave the UK or had a different career path. Shit like that keeps me up at night (but I prefer where I am now, to me life is perfect; I’m happy to be in Vegas, on Letterboxd, driving my Miata, having the ability to see and make films) and glad they explored this topic, it does so in a silly and fun way. 

I enjoyed the first part, for me it’s a solid 7 or 8 consistent of The Daniels humor, vibe and camera work from their music videos; mix that with some action, kung fu and sci-fi. However I think the humor is a bit too much and childish; the sex toys as weapons was absurd and kinda funny. If I’m rewatching this; I’ll skip or skim it most likely. The second and third parts is where it hits. I read reviews about one of the universes being similar to a Wong Kar-Wai (王家衛) film I geeked out when I saw In the Mood for Love (2000) and Wong vibes were emulated, but what does it add to the story tho? Makes me think about how much better that film is and same goes for Ratatouille (2007).

I use to be one of those people that believed nothing is original anymore, but that changed overtime. I agree the multiverse is not an original concept, butttttt hear me out… we are all inspired and changed by something or someone, we take all those ideas, sounds, visuals and put them into a blender creating our own work/art. For my first feature film, which I plan to release by 2023, I’ll be doing that; I have all the ideas and influences laid out, all the pieces will click into one creative, personal and great film. This is obviously not something new, artists/filmmakers like Tarantino and The Daniels have done this. I won’t make a film like this, specifically the multiverse and the bizarre balls to the walls energy. However I am inspired and will take some aspects from here. 

Currently the highest rated film on Letterboxd, it’s amazing but not on the level of Parasite (2019) and other greatest films of all time. Easily one of the best films about laundry and taxes tho 😂 Honestly don’t know where I’d rank this in my 2022 list, my taste buds and thoughts on films have changed; the ones from Sundance, specifically the highly praised ones or strong 9’s will drop but the score will still be positive.

My fav films 
⏩ Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

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