Nope ★★★★

Pissed myself to the new jordan peele horror movie. 

Definitely better than Us. It’s a bit less plot driven. That’s fine with me, I want a story that doesn’t take itself seriously and just vibes. Strange and gas. This succeeds at that. Knew it was gonna be about aliens from the title and poster. A lot of people say Jaws but with aliens and I can see that. Final battle was a highlight, same goes for Steven Yuen. He’s got some traumatic back story, that he is known for and profits off of in the movie. Peele is good with foreshadowing and taking things in a new direction. Keke Palmer finally got a good role this year. For now I want this to simmer in my brain and not think about any themes. Will update or make a new review when i got something new to add.

Edit: woke up and still don’t really know what film is about. but I have an idea that it’s about the film crew being underappreciated and not being well known as the actors or directors. you’ll see when you watch the movie. It’s literally the first line from the trailer. the ufo can be seen as the media, like how it consumes people, things, trends and then spits them out. This heightened my claustrophobia. The use of sunglasses at night, slowed and reverbed too was amazing.

⏩ the gray man (2022)

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