The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★

I've never found The Phantom of the Opera to be a particularly compelling story despite all of the elements for one being there. I feel like the ideal version should crank up the Gothic melodrama without descending into gutless romantic drivel, keep it nasty. I haven't seen a version that really reaches the potential I think the premise has but this is probably the best version thanks to some really striking visuals, particularly those hand-tinted color scenes - the Phantom in his red cloak on the roof is just an incredible image, and of course Lon Chaney, who is a genuinely menacing presence and carries most of the film. Even then though, at an hour and a half it just drags, there's not enough going on between the big setpieces. I don't care about Raoul and Christine, hell, I don't understand why Raoul cares about Christine when she was 100% willing to ditch him to further her career. Not worth the effort, dude.

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