David Chisholm

David Chisholm

I live in Austin, TX where I spend most of my time watching movies and reading comics.

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  • Gunsmith Cats

    Gunsmith Cats


    GUNSMITH CATS is an OVA (Original Video Animation) that was released as three episodes in 1995-1996. It’s based on a fairly popular manga of the same title, and sticks to its source material pretty closely. The story follows the increasingly violent adventures of Rally and May, bounty hunters and owners of a Chicago gun store. The first segment focuses on our two leads being blackmailed by the ATF into working an undercover case with them to try and catch the…

  • Demon of Steel: Battle of the Great Demon Beasts

    Demon of Steel: Battle of the Great Demon Beasts


    DEMON OF STEEL: BATTLE OF THE GREAT DEMON BEASTS has a title that is much more impressive than the actual film. The story follows Takuya as he returns to the secret military base where he used to work in response to a letter from his best friend asking for his help. We discover that three years earlier, a military experiment accidentally opened a dimensional rift and something huge came through and immediately sank to the bottom of the ocean. Now,…

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  • Open Your Mind

    Open Your Mind


    If you were going to watch a 35 minute screensaver from the early 2000s, obviously you would like for it to be directed by Mamoru Oshii and have a super interesting score. But at the end of the day, you still just spent 35 minutes watching a screensaver.

  • Chimes at Midnight

    Chimes at Midnight


    “Give me the spare men, and spare me the great ones.”